05 June 2013

Royal Fashion Awards: The Coronation Anniversary Service

Yesterday, the British royal family gathered to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation with a service at Westminster Abbey. For video, click here (for Part 1) - don't miss the fantastic entrance music - and for more stuff, click here. Ready? Let's chat:

Best in All The Things
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh
I'm not entirely sold on the Queen's outfit here, but no matter: this is her party, she can be randomly pleated and flowered if she wants to. And she wins brooch points too for her significant selection - see, as always, the Jewel Vault for full details. The dapper Duke of Edinburgh gets our sole male recognition for the day for simply showing up, since he's been unwell lately.

Best in Pale
The Duchess of Cambridge
Left to Right: The Countess of Wessex, Autumn Phillips, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Princess Royal, Lady Louise Windsor
Apparently there was a pale pink/beige/peach/whatever memo of some sort, because these subdued outfits were all over the place. And since I'm loving pale pink of late, I'm on board. I like the shape of Kate's Jenny Packham number and her diamond earrings and bracelet (more casual diamond usage, please, always), so she wins the prize. The anti-prize must go to Sophie, I'm afraid, whose Bruce Oldfield is not quite doing what she wanted it to do, methinks.

Nearest Miss in Statements
These Three
L to R: Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, Zara Phillips
Well, you can always count on a few members of the younger generation going edgy...or should we say trying to go edgy, with varying degrees of success and varying degrees of, you know, actual edge. I like the contrast of Eugenie's hat and simultaneously think it looks like she didn't have the right one in the closet; I like Beatrice's embellishment and also think it's a little heavy for her; I like Zara's fresh color and print but am not sold on the fit. It's a three way tie in the maybe? but no. category.

Best of the Rest
The Duchess of Cornwall
L to R: Princess Michael of Kent, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duchess of Kent, the Duchess of Gloucester
I love the way Camilla lightly echoes the Queen's color palette without copying, and I love her own aquamarine brooch, so she gets plenty of love from me. (Also, I think the Duchess of Gloucester might be trying to teach anyone that mentions repeated outfits on anybody else a lesson - just how many major events will this neck ruffle see?)

Who was your best dressed yesterday?

Photos: Reuters/PacificCoastNews/Getty Images/WPA Pool