12 June 2013

Wedding Wednesday: June Brides

June is a ridiculously popular month for weddings for all brides, but especially Swedish royal brides, according to our little retrospective here. Also, June 19th is apparently a great date for a wedding. Let's see what else we can learn from our June royal brides...

The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Warfield (Simpson)
June 3, 1937
I think we'll spend some time with Wallis and Edward later this month.

June 5, 1964
The first of the June Swedish brides to make the list.

June 6, 1998
Gotta love a royal wedding where each party boasts a name longer than the alphabet, without even touching the middle names. 

June 8, 1961
A sleeper favorite wedding gown, I call this one: not too well-known, but usually a favorite among those that know it. 

June 8, 2013
Oh hey, these guys again! That's Swedish bride #2 for the list.

Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan and Masako Owada
June 9, 1993
It hasn't been an easy road for these two, but they're celebrating their 20th anniversary this year.

June 10, 1967
Just one of a few June dresses that made your countdown of favorite wedding gowns.

June 10, 1993
Twenty years here too, though this is a gown that hasn't weathered those double decades so well, methinks.

June 15, 1974
#3, a wedding a lot like Madeleine's. Only this one had the Connaught Tiara on the bride, which some of you hoped to see this past weekend.

King Hussein of Jordan and Lisa Halaby
June 15, 1978
The fourth of Hussein's four weddings. The American bride wore Dior and is now known as Queen Noor.

April 21 & June 16, 2012
Another member of your favorite gown countdown here!

May 27, 2010 and June 18, 2011
The second of Princess Benedikte's daughters to wed in June - but I like her sister's gown a bit better.

June 19, 1976
#4 out of Sweden,but my least favorite gown of the lot.

June 19, 1999
Another June 19 wedding, which might explain why Sophie wore her wedding tiara when she attended...

June 19, 2010
...this other June 19 wedding! Victoria married on the same day as her mother and father, and she's the fifth June Swedish bride here. She's also a member of your favorite royal wedding gown club - the leader of the club, in fact.

Princess Christina of the Netherlands and Jorge Pérez y Guillermo
June 28, 1975
The bride is the youngest of the four daughters of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard. Jorge was a Catholic, but Christina avoided the scandal caused by her sister Irene's marriage by renouncing rights to the throne for herself and her descendants prior to converting and announcing her engagement. The couple are now divorced.

June 28 & 29, 1978
The first of her three weddings, and the biggest event of them all.

June 30, 1964
Swedish royal bride #6 and our last one! Quite a run, and there are others if you go back in time.

Prince Michael of Kent and Marie-Christine von Reibnitz
June 30, 1978
The couple married civilly in Austria; she is Catholic, so he lost his spot in the line of succession.

And there are, as always, many others out there.

Who's your favorite June bride?

Photos: Getty Images/TimeLife/Scanpix/Polfoto/Kungahuset/Corbis/RVD