03 June 2013

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: May 26-June 1

Best in Trips
Crown Princess Mary and Crown Princess Mette-Marit
Attending the Women Deliver 2013 Conference and associated events in Malaysia
Trips for causes near and dear and a bonus appearance by Princess Mabel! So, that's all good. The wardrobe here fits the bill, as this is not a big state visit or anything of that nature.

Best Trend
Queen Máxima
Beginning tours of all Dutch provinces with the King, opening the Fioretti College, at a symposium, and opening the Holland Festival
Yes, I think we're officially seeing a trend to the new Queen Máx: more instances of neat hair, more hats (and not-hats, I guess). If we can just get the trends to sort out the sadly fitting orange trousers...

Best of the Rest
Princess Mathilde, Princess Letizia, Crown Princess Victoria
Mathilde at a reception for the Antartic Treaty Consultative Meeting and at a lunch for jury members for the Queen Elisabeth Piano Competition; Letizia at the theater in Barcelona and at Armed Forces Day; Victoria presenting the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, meeting the President of Indonesia with the rest of the royal family, and at a conference
I think we have a little something for everyone here, don't we? These are just the highlights. I'm liking Mathilde's second try at the bright green, this time happily without the matching shoes, and her repeat of that chic white dress (she also had a cheery floral going on elsewhere, which was delightful). Letizia's touch of sparkle (here and at a dinner for the President of Uruguay) and her prim suit were lovely, though the Barcelona appearance is notable because the couple got booed both inside and outside the theater. Unfortunate, but probably not all that surprising given the current climate - click here for video. And Victoria's ladylike beige-y pink continues my current love of the pale shades on her. (I'll throw an extra honorable mention to Queen Silvia at the same event, with a fresh take on a floral jacket.)

And an Honorable Mention to...
Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie
At the races this weekend, Eugenie indulged my weakness for a full skirt and Beatrice rocked a bold print. I'll pass on the hat - which is not from the back of the late Queen Mum's closet, believe it or not - but I'll take the rest. Princess Haya was also looking very glam, click here for more.

Who was your best dressed last week?

Photos: Getty Images/AP/BilledBladet/Scanpix/DutchPhotoPress/PPE/Scanpix/AllOverPress