26 July 2013

Readers' Ultimate Tiaras: Pick Your Sapphire!

It's time to round out the "big three" colored gemstones in your ultimate tiara collection:

Pick your ultimate sapphire tiara!

There are absolutely loads of delicious sapphire tiaras out there, ripe for the picking. I shall offer you a modest selection - as usual, many of the names are links.

4. The Kochli Sapphire Tiara, from the collection of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna
5. The Cartier Indian Tiara, from the collection of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

1. A Württemberg Sapphire Tiara
3. Queen Wilhelmina's Sapphire Wedding Gift Tiara, now broken up
4. Queen Sirikit's Sapphire Tiara
5. A Thurn and Taxis Sapphire Tiara

1. Grand Duchess Marie-Adélaïde's Tiara, from the Luxembourg collection
2. Princess Thyra's Diamond and Sapphire Tiara, now owned by Princess Elisabeth of Denmark

4. An oak leaf bandeau, formerly in the Thurn and Taxis collection

1. The Ogilvy Tiara, in its sapphire version
2. Infanta Pilar of Spain's Sapphire and Diamond Tiara
3. A convertible necklace of sapphires and diamonds from Luxembourg
4. A converted necklace from Monaco
5. Another converted necklace from Luxembourg, with a central cabochon sapphire
6. A convertible bracelet bandeau from Luxembourg

And as always - there are many more out there.

Ready to vote for your favorite?
-Vote for one tiara in the comments. (If you're mentioning multiple tiaras in your comment, indicate which one gets your vote, or I will just count the first applicable one. One comment vote per person, please.)
-I will also count the number of "likes" or up arrows on those comments, so you can vote that way too.
-Non-royal tiaras and tiaras that no longer exist are fair game too.

Voting is open until Monday! The blog returns on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Thanks for all your votes, voting is now closed!

Photos: Getty Images/Swedish Royal Court/Sotheby's/Geoffrey Munn/Bodilbinner/Christie's/Van Cleef & Arpels/Corbis