12 July 2013

Readers' Ultimate Tiaras: Your Pearl Winners!

Oh, I gave you quite a task, didn't I? Two pearl tiaras were required for your collection, but the choices were plentiful. I laid out two categories, those with dangling pearls and those with other types.

Your pearl drop winner...

The Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara!
This one swept the field, without any serious competition. Some cited the Diana factor in their decision (this made my own collection, for what I freely admit were Diana Reasons), while others went for the classic design of a lover's knot tiara, or the magic of a Queen Mary commission. Either way, I think it's a nice little nod, considering our voting spanned Diana's birthday.

Though none posed any real threat to the front runner, here are your pearl drop runners up:
2. The Pearl Poiré/Poire/Whatever Tiara. I did not know this one was so loved - I can't honestly say it's a favorite of mine in this subcategory.
3. The Cartier Pearl Drop Tiara. This one I get - this might have made my own ultimate collection.
4. The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara. Poor Vlad. Usually so loved on its own, but coming up short in both the emerald and pearl categories.
5. The Mellerio Shell Tiara, just for a little variety.

The other category - for all other pearl tiaras, without dangling bits - was much more divided. A clear winner did emerge, though...

The Ancona Tiara!
The well-balanced and pearl-stuffed entry from Italy won - it seems, from your comments, that you judged this one both lovely and appropriately pearl-icious. I don't disagree.

Your runners up in this far closer vote:
2. Empress Eugenie's Pearl and Diamond Tiara. This one didn't get that much love in the comments when I featured it, but yet it was so often requested. Good to see the love here.
3. The Cameo Tiara. Oh, some of you disagreed with the classification of this as a pearl tiara (that's a judgement I leave to you and your individual votes), but I can't resist pointing out that in terms of pearl real estate, this might just be the pearliest pearl tiara here.
4. Queen Maud's Pearl and Diamond Tiara. Double settings, this one, with probably more love for the little one (shown).
5. The Cartier Pearl and Diamond Tiara. A lovely number out of Spain, my favorite of their pearl offerings.

Now, here's what your collection is looking like so far:
Handsome, I say.

Stay tuned for the next vote!

Photos: Getty Images/Corbis