31 July 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Mathilde at Royal Weddings

Big royal occasions call for a stepped up sartorial game, and royal weddings are a prime example. In salute to the newest member of the Queen Club, let's see how Mathilde's done as a royal wedding guest over the years - at some of the bigger royal wedding affairs (including some other events surrounding the weddings themselves).

One of Mathilde's most memorable outfits through the years has to be the pink maternity outfit paired with a that hat - both too much and just right, all at the same time.

Shall we call these the pink years? Her floral print gown at Frederik and Mary's wedding is one of my all-time favorite gala outfits, and certainly one of my all-time Mathilde favorites.

And these are the shiny years, I guess, between her Armani at William and Kate's wedding, the Monaco evening ball, and the slight shimmer to her crumpled Natan in Luxembourg. These could also be the Big Bling years: Fabiola's diamond brooch worn to both the Monaco and Luxembourg weddings (and at the back of her hair at the pre-wedding dinner in Britain, you can just see the strands peeking out), plus her Laurel Wreath Tiara in necklace form during William and Catherine's wedding in addition to the times it was worn as a tiara. That's a trend I can get behind...I wonder what sort of sneaky acts of sparkle she'll pull as Queen...hmm...

Which royal wedding guest appearance is your favorite?

Photos: Rex/Hello/Getty Images