24 July 2013

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: July 15-20, and a Bonus of Cute

Best in Cute
Prince George of Cambridge

Video: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave the hospital with their bundle of joy
Obviously this is outside of our date range, happening yesterday. Whatever. BABIES, amirite?! You could just pick him up and squeeze him. (But don't, because police.) They were one adorable, happy family in blue. Kate's bespoke Jenny Packham was great {insert your own required Diana polka dot comparison here}, but the warm fuzzies were better.
I do love any occasion that lets the headline writers run wild.
UPDATE: The baby's name is George Alexander Louis. Anybody guess right? (I certainly didn't!)

Best in Other Cute Things
The A-Team, ESTELLE, and Puppies
Left to right: the Dutch royal family poses for their annual family photoshoot, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle meet scholarship winners, and the Norwegian crown princely family pose with their new puppies
Too. Much. Cute. This should hold us over for a while (it won't, though, because we're not reasonable like that).

Compared to all that, the rest of the week was kinda boring. Haakon tried to liven things up by parachuting into his 40th birthday music festival (because who just has a plain old party, come on).
This party caused a bit of a stir, I guess. First, there was fuss over increased police cost, then it emerged that the guests had been asked to contribute to the costs of the party. All this with a background of fuss over Mette-Marit accepting designer clothes and such for free. But on it went. Click here for a long video, and here for a picture gallery. There were some other royals there too.

Best of the Rest
Princess Letizia, Princess Mathilde, Crown Princess Mary
Princess Letizia attending a naval graduation and audiences; Princess Mathilde (this all happened pre-abdication, pre-Queen Mathilde) at a luncheon and other engagements
Here's a highlight of the rest, the actual business sort of events. But frankly, as far as this post is concerned, if you can't give me at least a puppy you get a meh.

Video: Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik attend a ballet
I suppose Mary and Frederik are my favorites. Fred, really. You gotta respect a man whose sartorial dictionary doesn't include the word blergh.

Who's your favorite?

Photos: The Sun/Getty Images/Abaca/Kongehuset