30 August 2013

Readers' Ultimate Tiaras: Pick Two Diamonds!

Two choices for you today. Choice #1 (read to the end for #2):

Pick your other diamond motif!

So far, we've had two categories specially devoted to diamond-only tiaras: florals and leafy stuff, and fringes. (And though they weren't all diamond categories, your big gun and small tiara winners are also purely diamond.) Your first choice today is another big one, and it includes whatever's left after the nature and the fringes. That'll be scrolls, festoons, diamond drops, Greek keys, stars, and so on. Some of these include floral elements or could be called a floral tiara instead - just as some of those in our floral category included other elements too. Crossover is unavoidable, so make your own call. A selection:

6. Alexandra Feodorovna's Diamond Drop Tiara
7. Empress Joséphine's Fabergé Tiara

7. Lalla Salma's Wedding Meander Tiara

8. An auctioned Liechtenstein tiara

4. Queen Maria Pia's Star Tiara
6. A Victorian star tiara

Remember you are not limited to what I show here.

Next: Choice #2.

Pick your diamond wildcard!

The second category today is also diamond-only but beyond that, it's up to you. So: another floral, another fringe, or another from today's batch. A good collection needs plenty of diamonds, methinks.

Ready to vote for your favorite?
-Vote for two tiaras in the comments, one for each category. (If you're mentioning multiple tiaras in your comment, indicate which two get your vote, or I will just count the first applicable two. One comment vote per person, please.)
-I will also count the number of "likes" or up arrows on those comments, so you can vote that way too.
-Non-royal tiaras and tiaras that no longer exist are fair game too.

UPDATE: Thanks for all our contributions! Voting is now closed.

Photos: Rex/Getty Images/Cartier/Sotheby's/Munn/Albion Art/Christie's