09 August 2013

Readers' Ultimate Tiaras: Pick Your Diamond Nature Motif!

Here's a huge category for you:

Pick your ultimate diamond nature motif (florals, wreaths, etc.) tiara!

Why are we limiting this category to diamonds only? Because it's good to have your bases covered in the most popular tiara material, methinks (plus, nature motifs have been an option in all categories open to other stones). Why are we dumping all nature motifs in one category? Because the many subcategories within tend to overlap each other. About those subcategories:


4. An antique Italian floral tiara, recently auctioned

3. A Bavarian floral tiara, worn by the Hereditary Princess of Liechtenstein on her wedding day
4. A Danish floral tiara once loaned to Carina Axelsson
5. The Small Luxembourg Floral Tiara
6. The Isenburg Floral Tiara, as worn by Princess Sophie on her wedding day

Wreaths and leafy things!
7. An Oak Leaf and Acorn Tiara

3. The Pakenham Honeysuckle Tiara

Ears of wheat, corn, and etc!
1. The Teck Ears of Wheat Tiara
3. The Russian Field Diadem, a replica of a piece from the Romanov collection

And more!

For these examples, I've tried to keep it to things that are quite nature-y. But as you can see in the last grouping, there are plenty more out there that include slight touches of nature among other elements, if that's more your style. Up to you. And though I say it every time, this time it's really true: this is but a small fraction of the options out there.

Ready to vote for your favorite?
-Vote for one tiara in the comments. (If you're mentioning multiple tiaras in your comment, indicate which one gets your vote, or I will just count the first applicable one. One comment vote per person, please.)
-I will also count the number of "likes" or up arrows on those comments, so you can vote that way too.
-Non-royal tiaras and tiaras that no longer exist are fair game too.

Voting is open until Monday!

Photos: Polfoto/Getty Images/Geoffrey Munn/Royal Collection/Kongehuset/AllOverPress/Christie's/PPE/Corbis/Cour grand-ducale