28 August 2013

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: August 18-26, Plus Your Small Tiara Winner!

Best in Anything
Crown Princess Victoria
An engagement on the ship Götheborg, and attending the Polar Music Prize in a dress from Swedish brand Acne
Crown Princess Mary was visiting Syrian refugees in Jordan - click here for a bit on that - and Victoria was pretty much the rest of the game in these late summer slim pickings. She always makes interesting choices for the music awards, including the awkward length of this floral dress.

Who was your favorite last week?

And now for the winner of your ultimate small tiara competition. I know. The suspense is killing you.

This was a sweep like no other for the spot that we will hilariously label "small". Well, it is ultimate in every way, so there's that.

The runners up: Listen, this one was such a sweep, I don't think you could call anything a runner up. The Diamond Daisy and Queen V's Sapphire Coronet, if you must.

Here's where you stand to date:
Stay tuned for the next category!

Photos: TV4/Expressen/Acne/Getty Images