13 September 2013

Flashback Friday: Máxima at Prinsjesdag

It's nearly time for one of my favorite annual royal events: Prinsjesdag! The Dutch sovereign gives the Speech from the Throne in front of a joint session of parliament, but more importantly (for us in our frivolous mode, at least) there is the fashion. Prinsjesdag still follows an old dress code that used to be quite popular at royal events: long day dresses with orders and hats for the ladies, plus uniform or morning dress for the gents. Today, a look at what Máxima wore to the event during her princess years, with her years as Queen Máx still to come.

The ubiquitous Belgian house of Natan is very popular, as it always is, but since Prinsjesdag often requires some bespoke work, I think the results are greatly improved. Recent years have seen the creeping in of Dutch design, including a one-off appearance in purple Herbert Rouwers (not a typical choice of designer for her) and a run of Jan Taminiau. There's even a shout out to Máxima's home country in the form of 2004's outfit by Argentine designer Benito Fernandez.
The brighter colors draw me in (2007, you look so sadly tame and out of place) - 2003's maternity turn will always be a favorite - but still 2006's crisp white jacket and full black skirt are winning everything here for me. A dress code like this means a lot of look no matter what you throw on, so clean lines make such a world of difference and their absence sticks out in other years (2008, hello - how much do I want to love the purple year, and yet I can't!).

Which outfit is your favorite?

Photos: ANP/Belga/Getty Images/DutchPhotoPress/PPE/Reuters