16 September 2013

Royal Fashion Awards: The Swedish Jubilee

Carl XVI Gustaf became king on September 15, 1973, on the death of his grandfather. And now, 40 years later, the royal family's been celebrating. The weekend may not have had the pomp of last year's British jubilee or the sparkle of last year's Danish jubilee, but it had dancing in the streets and Princess Estelle, so it's a fair competition.

Best in Exhibits
Princess Christina
Left to right: Princess Madeleine, Prince Carl Philip, Prince Daniel, Crown Princess Victoria, Queen Silvia, King Carl Gustaf, Princess Christina
The family all got together first for the opening of an exhibit on the King's reign. His sister Princess Christina did the actual opening, including what I gather was a lovely and touching speech. For that, and for her divinely simple black and white, she wins.

Best in Dinners
Princess Madeleine
Moving up on the fancy scale, there was a dinner and a concert, where the gents were dashing in black tie, Victoria carried on her aunt's black and white legacy, the Queen managed to sneak in some diamond love, and Madeleine glowed (this time, with husband Chris in tow). She wins on those mega green earrings alone.

Best in Te Deums
Queen Silvia
A Te Deum was held - because what's a big royal happening without one of those crazy happenings? - and sadly it was the cause of a few unfortunate shoe choices. By default, I think the Queen has to take this one. (You will note also that all are wearing their new Jubilee medals.)

Best in Te Deums - Guests in Hats Division
Queen Sonja
L to R: Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark, Queen Sonja and King Harald of Norway, Princess Christina and her husband Tord Magnuson
The King's sisters were present, and Princess Christina made up for her sisters' bare heads by sporting...I don't know, but I think you could wash a car with it. Fellow Scandinavian heads of state were also in the house, and I've decided that Queen Margrethe is determined for that outfit to witness all the important royal happenings in this decade (it's already seen her own 70th birthday, the christening of her grand twins, and William and Kate's wedding - and more). That leaves us with Queen Sonja, in a delightfully understated turn.

Best in Parties
These Things That Happened
Stockholm partied after all that, and the awwws came out to play. The King and Queen got all lovey-dovey and danced (you need to see that on video, do you not? You do, so click here). And then my favorite little Swedish bucket of sass made an appearance, dancing on tables, wearing her own wee Jubilee medal (it's under her coat), and hanging out with uncle Carl Philip plus aunt Madeleine's dog, Zorro. A baby, a prince, and a dog: if you can't find something to cheer your Monday in that mix...well, you should get that checked. (Do you need to see this one in action too? I THINK YOU DO. Click here for a whole clip o' Estelle goodness.) And a special nod overall to Prince Daniel, who was celebrating his 40th birthday - yes, he was born on the very same day his future father-in-law took the throne, how's that for a coincidence? (And he shares his birthday with both Princess Letizia and Prince Harry, oddly enough.)

Which outfit is your favorite?

Photos: Getty Images/Kungahuset/Expressen/Scanpix