26 September 2013

Tiara Thursday: The Diamond Vine Leaves Tiara

The Diamond Vine Leaves Tiara
I usually just refer to today’s tiara as the larger Luxembourg floral tiara because it is indeed the larger of the two all diamond floral motif tiaras currently in use by the ladies of the grand ducal family – and from a distance, the size is the easiest way to tell the two apart (here’s the smaller one). A closer look will show you, though, that instead of flowers, the larger one features leaves and curly little vine pieces, with additional single diamonds acting as berries. The motif actually reminds me of the Danish Ruby Parure Tiara, with its wreath of leaves and berries.
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
But whatever you call it, the details are the same: it is made of white diamonds set in silver and yellow gold, it dates from the mid-19th century, and it is convertible to brooch pieces or necklace components when removed from its frame. Though not particularly tall, it is long and wraps generously around the head.
Video: In action on Princess Stéphanie at her pre-wedding dinner. She appears at the end, about 5:58.
The tiara’s seen plenty of use on the head of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, the wife of the current Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Henri. It has been in the family a lot longer, though (it’s actually part of their family foundation, ensuring it stays in the collection from generation to generation). It wasn’t popular with Henri’s mother, Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte (according to the court, she only wore it once), and it wasn’t popular with Henri’s grandmother, Grand Duchess Charlotte, either (apparently she never wore it). But it was used by all four of Charlotte’s daughters on their wedding days – Luxarazzi has them all lined up for you, click here.
Princess Stéphanie, Princess Claire, and another close up look
The wedding tradition has been revived with Henri and Maria Teresa’s daughters-in-law: the Hereditary Grand Duchess wore her own family’s tiara for her wedding day, but she wore the Vine Leaves Tiara for her pre-wedding dinner, and of course Princess Claire recently wore the tiara for her wedding day (oh, and for an even longer glimpse of the tiara in action, RTL has more than an hour long video of the wedding, click here - you're definitely going to want to carve out some time for that). We have yet to see the tiara on Princess Tessy, their other daughter-in-law, or on their daughter Princess Alexandra, so it will be interesting to see if the tradition lives on.

How do you think this one works as a wedding tiara?

Photos: AOP/Cour grand-ducale/Christian Aschman/Getty Images