10 September 2013

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: August 27-September 7, Plus Your Diamond Winners!

Hello again, lovelies. It's that glorious time of year when the deadly slow month of August is over and our royals have returned to the fashion playing field! Rejoice. A hodgepodge of some of what we've missed:

Best in Brights
Princess Letizia
Mary and Victoria at separate awards ceremonies; Letizia with Felipe in Argentina for the IOC meeting; Mathilde and Philippe in Leuven and at the Hanswijk Cavalcade; Máxima on an engagement with Willem-Alexander and at a university
Yes, I think you truly know summer is over when the Natan twins return to greet you with their dueling Slimer green ensembles. Elsewhere, Victoria keeps trying with that statement necklace but isn't quite there yet, and Letizia made a valiant attempt to win the 2020 Olympics for Madrid by the sheer power of lookin' good - didn't work for her (Tokyo won the Games), but it works for me.

Best in Casual
The Duchess of Cambridge
Video: Kate and William on an engagement in Anglesey
Not so much a sartorial thing, but here you go anyway. 

Best in Black and White
Crown Princess Mary
Mette-Marit opening a sculpture park; Mary in Morocco; Letizia in Argentina
Mary's been busy, squeezing another trip in, but I can't concentrate on anything but this skirt right here. I need it, you see. NEED. Alas, it isn't a new one, but an older model from By Malene Birger. Sigh. Mette-Marit looked ab fab, but not even the power of a well placed puppy can distract me.

And an Honorable Mention to...
Princess Madeleine
At a memorial service for Princess Lilian
Jumpy claps to Madeleine, who has recently announced that she and her new husband are expecting a baby! Maternity wear ahoy.

Who's been your best dressed lately?

And now for the winners of your recent double pick for your ultimate tiara collection...

Inevitable that these would make the cut at some point, really. As for your runners up, let's have a moment of silence for Poor Polty - it took the #2 spot in both categories, but even combining its votes, it wouldn't have pulled out a win. The remainder were all over the place.

Here's the full thing so far:
That's the end of the August voting extravaganza (as stated previously, just something to do while we're summer bored). The next one will be at the end of September.

Photos: Abaca/Getty Images/Belga/DutchPhotoPress/NTBScanpix/BilledBladet-Kongehuset/Stella Pictures