18 October 2013

Flashback Friday: Máxima at Royal Weddings

Our recent taste of Dutch wedding style coupled with the reappearance of Queen Máxima's wedding tiara (which she wore both at her own wedding and as a guest at a few others) put me right in the mood for a little Máx flashback, in the form of her appearances as a royal wedding guest. It's a plentiful field, actually, thanks to the multitude of weddings in the extended Dutch royal family and the fact that she got an early start as a royal attendee during her engagement. A selection, including a few of the pre-wedding events:

She started slow, attending the first two here before her own wedding. And then she explodes in a riot of color not long after marrying, at Märtha Louise's wedding - but even a lack of color (à la her black and white for Friso and Mabel's celebration) is not lacking for flair. She can work a big hat, yes she can.
Of course, there is such a thing as too much of a big hat thing...ahem, 2005. This would be the one outfit for which I agree that the red should have been left at home - but it's the whole thing that's too too here, not just the color. In a muted color, the large hat makes the outfit for Felipe and Letizia's wedding, and makes it one of my favorite Máxima ensembles.
The pale pink 2004 Spanish outfit might just be my favorite here, but it has seriously steep competition from the pale pink in Britain in 2011. I feel like one of the tiara appearances should be my favorite because, well, I'm me, but in this case I think the hats are taking home the prize.

Which appearance is your favorite?

Photos: RVD/Scanpix/Getty Images/Gamma Rapho/Rex/DutchPhotoPress/PPE/WireImage