11 October 2013

Readers' Ultimate Tiaras: Your Other Material Winner!

This might not come as a surprise, but the winner of your vote for a tiara of "other" materials is...

The Cameo Tiara!
Or perhaps it is a surprise? I'm always surprised that despite many of you piping up that you think it's ugly, this one always does well overall. And indeed, this is an "other" material tiara - not a diamond in sight.

The Cameo didn't run away with the victory, though. In fact, it had some pretty hefty competition from your top runner up:
2. The Chaumet Blue Enamel Kokoshnik. This is part of the Westminster collection, a design made to mimic traditional silk Russian kokoshniks but with blue enamel and a delicate diamond forget-me-not design on top. It was originally bought by a previous Duke of Westminster, and left the family before being purchased once again by the current Duke. It's an extraordinary piece of artwork, but sadly I don't think any depiction of it in use is publicly available.
3. The Midnight Tiara, Mary's "other" option.
4. The Cut Steel Tiara. Love it or hate it, it's become a favorite with the Swedish ladies, and it certainly is a different material.
5. Archduchess Isabella's Peridot and Diamond Tiara.

And here's the winner's circle so far:

Photos: AllOverPress/Geoffrey Munn/Scanpix/Getty Images