28 October 2013

Royal Trip Report: The Danes in Australia

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have been visiting Australia, one of their frequent trip destinations. This one had a celebratory purpose: the Sydney Opera House's 40th anniversary. Mary is Australian and the landmark was designed by a Dane, Jørn Utzon, so that all lines up neat and tidy. The birthday party was my favorite of Mary's outfits for the trip, and that's where we'll begin:

Video: The birthday celebration, including a snippet from Mary's speech
She told a cute little story (what she knew about Denmark before Frederik: Hans Christian Anderson, and the Opera House was designed by a Dane), there were fireworks, it was all good. Plus a dress with just a touch of sparkle and gold to it - nothing wrong with that.
Trip outfits
These trips always touch on Danish design and Mary certainly brought some of that with her, but she also wore a few pieces from designer Collette Dinnigan. She's worn Australian label in the past and every time she does I'm left wanting more. (The Duchess of Cambridge has worn a bit too, and I hope we see more when she and William finally make their much-anticipated trip down there).
Also - what's this?! - someone has decided to step in and wave the flag for hot Valentino shoes while Mette-Marit's gone. I approve. (The Norwegian crown princess, if you haven't heard, is on extended sick leave for a recurring neck/back issue and could be out until Christmas.)

Video: The couple visit an area touched by recent bushfires
Truthfully, though, this trip has been a pretty standard fashion run. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of non-sartorial highlights - the couple has been on proper cute form and made some touching connections. Case in point: this trip to visit an area affected by the recent bushfires, an unplanned addition to the agenda.

And one more bit of cuteness for the road. I know some of you love the moments when little girls get to meet REAL princesses, so don't miss the curtseys on display here:

Video: An engagement with the Australian Twin Registry. A mom to twins herself, Mary is patron of both the Australian and Danish Twin Registries. 

Which trip outfit is your favorite?

Photos: Getty Images/Pool/BT/Scanpix