15 October 2013

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: October 6-14

Queen Mathilde

Video: The King and Queen visit Liège
This hairy little number is from Belgian designer Veronique Branquinho. And all I can say is that if Mathilde's response to calls for her to add some variety to her Natan-filled Belgian wardrobe is to don her Sesame Street Halloween costume early...well, we're in for an interesting ride! (Also up this week, another non-Natan outfit: a sparkly dose of Armani.) 

Best in Visits
Crown Princess Victoria
Left to Right: Victoria at a meeting for the International Paralympic Committee (with plenty of other royals) and at a seminar, the Swedish royal family welcoming the Dutch King and Queen for a one day visit, and Máxima in Washington
Pretty sure that red dress would qualify as a Máx favorite, but alas it is overshadowed by all that excess fabric in Sweden - and Victoria instead is left to shine in her simple and sleek blue number from Tiger of Sweden.

Best in Annual Events
Princess Letizia

Video: The Prince and Princess of Asturias attend the military parade on National Day in Spain
Letizia was at her prim and proper best in a berry dress with a light pink jacket for the parade - though I may like it better without the jacket (as seen later at the reception), I do enjoy the color pairing.

Best of the Rest
Crown Princess Mary
L to R: Letizia at a trade fair in Germany, opening a vocational course, and at an awards ceremony; Mary at a meeting, at the opening of a joint exhibit of the creative works of Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, and pictured as part of a pictorial and interview given in advance of the couple's trip to Australia (click here for more on that).
This is more of a tie, really - the rest of Letizia's pink week and Mary's regular deal. So I freely admit that it is the event here that sways me: Margrethe and Henrik in a joint artistic exhibit. How cool is that?! And they continue to hold their spots on my list of Royals I'd Like to Drink With.

And an Honorable Mention to...
Princess Charlene
Attending a Ralph Lauren event in Paris
Yes, in her purple and her jewels there's only one thing to say: Charlene killed it.

Who was your best dressed last week?

Photos: Getty Images/BestImage/Kungahuset/Casa Real/Sex og Samfund via Kongehuset/Stiften/Good Weekend