08 October 2013

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: September 29-October 5, Plus a Double Tiara Watch!

An Honorable Mention, For Starters...
Prince Harry

Video: Harry visits Australia
Seemed right to start with Harry in uniform. Carry on.

Worst in Everyday
Crown Princess Mary
Mathilde visits Lamur and opens a festival; Mary attends an opening and an awards presentation (in By Malene Birger), Letizia marks Santos Angeles Custodios Day and attends a dinner
I left out a whole lot of regular events for our usual suspects this week, on account of boredom. Even some of these aren't so interesting (Letizia, serviceable as ever but a sartorially forgettable week overall). Mathilde's my favorite here, despite a hat that looks like she's been hit by a pumpkin pancake at certain angles (now I'm hungry), because of that lovely strong blue dress. And Mary, sadly, takes the prize of (dis-)honor for the most memorable outfit here, adapting the non-slip flower stickers from my grandma's shower for dress purposes.

Best in Parliament
The Danish Royal Family, and Their Flowers

Video: The Danish royals (Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and Princess Benedikte) attend the opening of Parliament
They've got a whole little coordinated color scheme going on here, and yet the thing I like best is how well each bouquet matches each lady's outfit. (Doesn't say much for the outfits, I suppose.)

Best in Visits
Crown Princess Victoria
During the state visit from Portugal to Sweden, and visiting the U.N. in New York (far right)
The fall state visit season delivers again, with a repeated blue Elie Saab that would have won but for the shoe match overkill and a black floral Dolce & Gabbana that needs no coat to improve it. So nice she wore it twice! And state visits give us more goodies too...

Tiara Watch!
All due snaps to Queen Silvia for coordinating her red sash with her ruby tiara (the Edward VII Ruby Tiara), but I feel deprived of an opportunity to see Victoria take the rubies out for the first time. She had on a red dress (repeated Escada) and everything! Oh well, she can never go too wrong with the Cut Steel Tiara anyway.

Worst in Visits (and Tiara Watch #2)
Queen Máxima
King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima paid a one day visit to Norway and were received by the Norwegian royal family, and they hosted the President of Israel for a visit including an official dinner
Not the Norwegian visit, everyone was looking shipshape there. But the dinner...well. On the plus side, she's playing in the jewel vault again (she's converted the Pearl Button Tiara back to the version with diamond stars she wore for her wedding, something we haven't seen in several years) and she's busting out a tiara at a black tie dinner (when others would go without). But on the other hand: WOE. That same Valentino gown that has previously sucked both Marie-Chantal and Mette-Marit into its vortex of frump has claimed another royal victim. I'd normally say a tiara makes everything better, but in this case I think it's done the impossible and made matters worse. Never has it been more clear that this should have been left in the one room schoolhouse.

MAN. I'm grumpy today, huh? I might be more in need of those pumpkin pancakes than I thought. Let me leave you with something that pleases me, before I tend to my urgent carbohydrate requirements:

And One Last Honorable Mention to...
Princess Caroline & Crew
Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Caroline, Princess Stephanie, and Andrea Casiraghi attend an AMADE gala
There's no nightmare-inducing pedicure shoes. There's no need to search for some deep, artsy appreciation for the imagination of Karl Lagerfeld. They just look good, Caroline most of all. Just plain chic. Caroline has a level of elegance that's downright soothing when employed properly. (And yes, Charlotte's purse does have a tiara on it, and no, I don't have that in my closet, and no, I don't know why not.)

Who was your best dressed last week?

P.S.: We have a wedding to discuss tomorrow, so hang on to your comments for that!

Photos: Belga/Abaca/TV2/BT/Malene Birger/Getty Images/BestImage/Portugal Presidency/IBL/DutchPhotoPress/AP/Getty Images