01 November 2013

Readers' Ultimate Tiaras: Pick Your Modern Tiara!

Older tiaras are grand - the history of these things is part of the draw, really, at least for me - but we need some recognition for the people that are valiantly doing their best to add to the world's tiara stores. And so today's selection for your ultimate tiara collection is...

Pick your favorite modern tiara!

Modern can refer to style and modern can refer to date of creation, and we are going with date of creation since it's easier to define; specifically, tiaras that were manufactured from 1950 up to today. Dates can be hard to tie down, mind you, but here is a selection that might fit the bill:

  • 1. Boucheron Emerald Ivy Tiara, 2. Queen Rania's Arabic Tiara, 3. Queen Rania's Boucheron Bracelet Tiara. The Jordanian collection is ripe for the picking, this is just a taste.
  • The Danish ladies each have a modern tiara to their name: 4. Naasut Tiara, 5. Midnight Tiara, 6. Flora Danica Tiara (for Marie, not yet worn)
  • Oh yes, who can forget: Margrethe has two. 1. The infamous Golden Poppies.
  • Japan's collection has a lot of possibilities too, though they are quiet on tiara history; each lady receives a tiara on her 20th birthday or when she marries into the family, newly made if need be. 2. Princess Mako's Tiara is a recent addition; her mother 3. Princess Akishino also has a lovely one.
  • 4. Van Cleef & Arpels Tiara, as worn by Princess Grace.
  • 5. Princess Letizia's Ansorena Tiara. Slightly apocryphal as she's only worn the central part as a brooch and never the tiara.
  • 6. The Modern Gold Tiara.
  • 7. The Modern Fringe Tiara - this is a guess, but likely to have been made in our timeframe.

And again, as always - there are more out there, happy hunting.

Ready to vote for your favorite?
-Vote for one tiara in the comments. (If you're mentioning multiple tiaras in your comment, indicate which one gets your vote, or I will just count the first applicable one. One comment vote per person, please.)
-I will also count the number of "likes" or up arrows on those comments, so you can vote that way too.
-Non-royal tiaras and tiaras that no longer exist are fair game too.

Photos: Boucheron/Vanity Fair/Getty Images/Kongehuset/Charlotte Lynggaard/Flora Danica/Bodilbinner/Van Cleef & Arpels/Ansorena/Kungahuset/Geoffrey Munn/Royal Collection