19 November 2013

Royal Trip Report: Denmark and Spain in North America

Everybody is everywhere right now - your typical November surge in events, just before the holidays. Today's installment of Traveling with the Royals joins Mary and Frederik on a visit to Mexico and Felipe and Letizia on a visit to the United States.

When we last checked in on the Danish crown princely couple, they had just arrived for their Mexican visit and Mary was fresh and flowery in a peplum top. Picking up on day 2...

Video: Day 2
...we have another floral-type situation, plus red for the evening. It seems the theme for day 2 was belts.

Video: Day 3
And perhaps the theme for the whole trip was florals, with a darker version on day 3 that remained somewhat hidden under a sweater and coat. Whatever it was - that's it! A short, sweet, and low key trip. The Danish royal news has been occupied with other things, anyway...
A new family portrait by Thomas Kluge was revealed, and it is interesting. And by interesting, I mean a potential cover for Stephen King's next thriller about the boy prince who would stop at NOTHING to take the throne before his time {cue slasher music}. But hey, it's getting attention (as many of you have emailed me, it hit BuzzFeed and other hot spots), and, well, that's not something you can say about every royal portrait. Mission accomplished?

Also out and about are the Prince and Princess of Asturias, who have been visiting California and Florida. 
Sassy Letizia came along, too! (Hello, sparkles and hair and earrings and red shoes and red lips, all at once.)

Video: Sassy Letizia in action, also shown third from left above
But I'm boring and am partial to the flattering pale pink suit, myself.

It even goes well with Google Glass, you see.

Which trip outfit was your favorite?

P.S.: Yes, we have many more current events to handle. Stay tuned!

Photos: Thomas Kluge/Kongehuset/Getty Images/Casa Real