06 November 2013

Wedding Wednesday: November Brides

Now that we've reached November (how did we get this far along in the year, ugh), weddings are getting a little more sparse - but fear not, there are still some interesting candidates.

Prince Leopold of Belgium, Duke of Brabant and Princess Astrid of Sweden
November 4 & 10, 1926
A love match with a sad ending, I'm afraid: Astrid died in a car crash nine years later.

November 5 & 6, 2004
A whole lot of dress, this one.

Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg and Prince Félix of Bourbon-Parma
November 6, 1919
And a whole lot of tiara, this one.

November 6, 1935
The slight pink hue to this dress assures it will always have my affections.

November 14, 1973
Such an Anne dress. Could anyone else have pulled this off?

November 18, 1995
This, too, is a lot of look - but knowing the sort of fairytale looks Alexandra would opt for during her marriage, it fits right in.

November 20, 1947
Aw, these two kids.

June 12 & November 20, 2010
These two recently welcomed their second child, another daughter.

Nicholas II of Russia & Princess Alix of Hesse and by Rhine
November 26, 1894
Another love match without a happy ending...

November 29, 1934
And this one too! Man, November, you're kind of a buzzkill.

Which one is your favorite November bride?

Photos: Hola/Getty Images/Polfoto/Wikimedia Commons