05 November 2013

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: October 29-November 4, Plus Your Modern Tiara Winner!

Well, At Least You Showed Up
Princess Letizia
Letizia visits a residence for the elderly, attends an awards ceremony and an anniversary party for a newspaper
Err...this is about it for our normal leading ladies for the week (well, Máxima did do some her U.N. stuff). How sad. And the only thing worth commenting on is the one I should probably leave alone - though I can't resist noting that the occasion when those boring-as-toast business suits Letizia loves so much would have been totally appropriate is the one occasion at which she decides to bring Grease back, and that's hilarious. Thanks for playing our game, L.

Honorable Mention for Also Showing Up
Princess Charlene
Charlene attends the Princess Grace Awards Gala
In other news, we've got Charlene, spontaneously beheaded by a ruffle in honor of Halloween. Some of you really liked Charlene's dramatic turn; I'm not sold as such, but I am entertained, and that is saying something.

Who was your best dressed last week?

Since we had a bit of a slow week, let's go ahead and wrap up that modern tiara vote. Using free time in a productive manner is not usually something I encourage, but tiaras are an all-purpose excuse.

Seeing how many different ways you all defined "modern" was fascinating. Some of you differed greatly - and perhaps that gives you a glimpse of one of the reasons why I chose to define the category as simply as possible (by year) and let you sort out the rest. And sure enough, I think you came up with a winner to satisfy most of your definitions...

The Midnight Tiara!
Mary strikes again, her creation of diamonds, moonstones, rose gold, white gold, and black oxidized silver lending a darker note to your ultimate collection. The run away winner, and certainly worthy of carrying the "modern" torch.

Your runners up:
2. The Modern Fringe Tiara. As I noted, this was only a guess and might not even qualify for the time requirement. It doesn't particularly qualify for those of you that went for something modern in design as well. But the fact that it made it so high on the list speaks, I'd say, to the polarizing nature of some of these modern designs.
3. The Boucheron Emerald Ivy Tiara. Queen Rania fared very well in this vote.
4. The Diamond Foam Tiara, or hair ornament or aigrette if you prefer.
5. Queen Rania's Arabic Tiara - not one I thought would do so well, but there you go.

And here's the collection to date:

Photos: Getty Images/Scanpix/Kungahuset/Abaca/Petra/Christie's/Royal Collection