02 December 2013

Readers' Ultimate Tiaras: Your Last Vote Winners!

For the final vote in our little tiara fest, I asked you to pick three tiaras the ultimate collection couldn't live without. The results? Well, some of our permanent bridesmaids finally get to walk down the sparkly aisle:

Poor Polty took two runner up spots in the diamond other and wildcard categories, and the convertible category; the sapphire was a runner up in the small category and the sapphire category; the emerald nearly stole the emerald competition, but couldn't pull it off. But they've come together to make three last British-flavored entries to your ultimate collection.

And your runners up, for a full list of ten:
4. The Chaumet Blue Enamel Kokoshnik, a near miss from the unusual materials category.
5. The Diamond Daisy Tiara, one last chance for a Norwegian entry and a smaller entry.
6. The Cut Steel Tiara, another unusual material near miss.
7. The Leuchtenberg Sapphire Parure Tiara, with a delectable parure to match.
8. Queen Sophie's Diamond Tiara, another big gun runner up.
9. The Baden Fringe Tiara, a spiky fringe to contrast to the tame one already in your collection.
10. The Portland Sapphire Tiara, because blue seems to have been a bit of a theme here.

Stay tuned - on Friday, we will have a proper wrap up of the whole shebang!

Photos: Getty/Collection/Geoffrey Munn/Royal Court of Norway/Polfoto