11 December 2013

Tiara Watch: The Nobel Prizes, 2013

The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm is one of the most glittering occasions of the year - usually. This year was a bit sparse, though, because two of the royal ladies had to miss the event: Princess Madeleine declined due to her advanced pregnancy, and Crown Princess Victoria instead flew to South Africa to attend the memorial service for Nelson Mandela. (Don't you just hate when people remind you that there are things more important than sparkle and frill?!) The King, Queen, Prince Daniel, and Prince Carl Philip made up a small group on the stage.

We did still get our required tiara alert, though. Actually, make that a Party Antler Alert.
Queen Silvia opted for a Nobel favorite, the Nine Prong Tiara (this was predictable, since she gave us the sapphires last year). Ye Olde Pronger may not be my favorite, but even I have to admit it brings the sparkle - as does Silvia's dress, a repeat from Princess Madeleine's pre-wedding dinner. It still has a bit of the figure skater feel to it thanks to that top, but I like to imagine she was just trying to give us as much flash as she could since she was carrying things without her daughters.

Video: The entrance to the banquet, and some sparkle in action. The award ceremony in full can be viewed by clicking here.
Well, she wasn't entirely alone, of course: Princess Christina was there! (The King's sister is a regular attendee, along with her husband, but they sit in the audience and not on the stage for the ceremony.) She wore the Six Button Tiara - again, not one of my favorites, but also again, completely predictable. She seems to stick to either the Cut Steel Tiara or the larger button thing. And she happens to be one that can make the buttons look okay, so that works out.

And though they don't have any tiaras associated with their part of the Nobel Prizes, we'll add here the Norwegian contribution. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in Oslo, and again a reduced royal group was on hand. We would usually see the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, but Mette-Marit is still in recovery and Haakon was also in South Africa for the Mandela memorial, so the King and Queen went solo.
Click here to view the entire ceremony.
Sonja did hold down the fort in her smart red and black, though. Basic, but you'll note she threw in some hat sparkle, just for us (let's pretend).

Update: Victoria returned in time for the second tiara event of the Swedish Nobels, and she brought a surprise:
She's wearing bits of the Cameo parure for the first time since her wedding! It makes a surprisingly good pairing with the Cut Steel Tiara, though it makes me long for the Cameo Tiara to be worn again. (And for the record, I like the idea of that dress, which is a repeat...I just think it's unfortunate that it's also a dress that speculation lovers adore as well. A reminder: our comment policy around here requests that you avoid the pregnancy speculation.) Silvia wore the Connaught Tiara, and Christina wore the Six Button Tiara for the second night in a row.

Photos: SVT/Getty Images/Nobel Prize/Scanpix/Tt