13 December 2013

Wedding Wednesday (on a Friday): December Brides

Let me sneak this in here since we had a Nobel Wednesday - the last in our series of monthly bride reviews! And just a short list to take us out...

December 4, 1999
Our newest king and queen in a year of monarchy switcheroos.

December 6, 2008
These two (she's a niece of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg) welcomed a second son this year.

December 7, 1976
These two might be my favorites from this list, because awwww.

The Princess Royal and Commander Tim Laurence
December 12, 1992
Appropriate for a small second wedding (for her), yes, but also so very Anne - the exact same case, in fact, as her much larger first wedding, as mentioned in last month's overview.

December 15, 1960
If you want a queenly wedding gown, this is it.

December 21, 1959
This one's got the pomp factor too, but not quite the same gravitas as Fabiola's gown, I think.

King Hussein of Jordan and Alia Baha Ad-Din Touqan
December 24, 1972
This was the king's third marriage, and it ended tragically: Alia was killed in a helicopter crash in 1977. Their children include Princess Haya, who we see around here whenever the races are on.

December 29, 1983
Another tragic end here, I'm afraid: Stefano was killed in a speed boat crash in 1990. Their daughter Charlotte should be having a baby of her own soon.

Who's your favorite December bride? 

Photos: Rex/Getty Images/TimeLife/Royal Household/Palais Princier