04 December 2013

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: November 20-December 3

Most Improved
Queen Máxima
Visiting Colombia and Venezuela; returning home for more engagements including celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (4th, 5th, 6th from left). At far right, her mixed print look on the Spijkers en Spijkers runway.
Some of the things worn during Máx's tour of the Caribbean (her tour, yup - I think she may have brought a date) were a bit dubious - which was why I was happy to see her move on to a couple quick country visits and then home once again. I can't even get mad at her ridiculous, ridiculous sleeve action because I thought her makeup was so on point. Of course, she had to throw us a loop at the end, nabbing a look straight from the runway, unfortunate neck scarf and all.

Best in Fine
These Ladies
Letizia in Valencia and at an awards ceremony; Kate at a gala; Mathilde at a palace event and on an official visit to Luxembourg; Victoria at a seminar; Mary at a school
Well, this is obviously not comprehensive (none of it is, ever), but there was a lot of just fine work going on while I was on hiatus. I mean, fine. Nod. Approve. Forget. I did have a few favorites, including any sort of simple dress (Letizia, Mathilde), and Mary's turn there struck me with a spot of extra elegance. I also can't help but love Grand Duchess Maria Teresa for turning up the volume to welcome the Belgians - the hair! Now that's a thing of beauty. (See a video on the visit here.)

Tiara Watch!
Sweden warmed up for their sparkling Nobel festivities with an official dinner featuring Queen Silvia in the Connaught Tiara and some amethysts (YUM) and Crown Princess Victoria in the Cut Steel Tiara - with that repeated metallic Jenny Packham dress, she must have been one sparkly sight to see.

And that's all that happened in tiara news, I think. Right, guys? (Ha.) Anyway, discussion on the Duchess of Cambridge's front page-making tiara jaunt and which pieces she wore is happening over at the Jewel Vault.

And an Honorable Mention to...
Prince Harry

Video: Harry talks about breaking his toe in advance of his South Pole trek
Last but not least, here's a bearded Harry being cute in Antarctica, because I care.

Who's your best dressed?

Photos: ANP/PPE/Pool/DutchPhotoPress/Getty Images/Spijkers en Spijkers/Casa Real/PA/RTL/IBL/Abaca/Scanpix/Kungahuset