15 January 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: January 15

Video: Princess Letizia joined Queen Sofia to present the decorations of the Civil Order of Social Solidarity.
This video presents, in the correct order, my exact thoughts on Letizia's dusty lilac/mauve/whatever Felipe Varela suit. She's sitting behind a table, only the top visible: A suit? A purple-ish suit? Sold. She stands, still behind the table: What IS that stuck on her skirt? Oh, hang on... And finally, without the cover of the table: ...right. It's this one again, and the stray thingymabobs on the skirt have yet to magically disappear.
Fixed it. Just this part, please.
You'd like to at least give her credit for the suit, but did she have any other choice with the always impeccable Sofia at her side? Nah.

Photo: Getty Images