20 January 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: January 20

Video: Empress Michiko and Emperor Akihito attended a concert last week.
My recently revived obsession for capes requires me to send the Japanese empress some love on this Monday! Cape attachments on gowns, little cape-like sleeves on daywear, you name it - Michiko gives us more cape action than anyone on our regular royal rounds. And this Friday appearance (hat tip to The Royal Correspondent blog, a great resource if you like to follow the imperial family) is a perfect case in point.
Michiko cape-age (concert appearance, far left)
I tend to think of a cape as a very dramatic thing, but on the Empress it becomes a gentle touch. Perhaps it's because the added volume in the sleeve area hints at the elegance of a kimono, but this look suits her so well, no?

Photos: ANN News/BestImage/Imperial Household Agency