03 February 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: February 3

Andrea and Tatiana Casiraghi held their religious wedding in Gstaad on February 1. (Their civil wedding was last August.) The bride was dressed in a Valentino couture gown and cape, shown in the sketch and description above shared by Maison Valentino on Twitter. She also wore a diamond fringe tiara.
Tatiana, previously known as the queen of boho style, had several surprises up her sleeve for her big bridal appearance: she opted for Valentino, a classic royal wedding gown choice, and she went for a diamond tiara! But proving she still has her own take on things, the gown included lace macramé, and the hairdo she chose to showcase the tiara was enormous at the back - think Queen Silvia at the Nobel Prize Ceremony in the 1980s. Completing the look, the double cashmere cape with hood mink lining added a serious winter fairytale quality.

As of this writing, no photos from the ceremony or official pictures have been released. Only snaps from the comings and goings outside: click here for a gallery from Vanity Fair, or here for one from Oggi.

About that tiara: The fringe most often associated with the Monegasque family is the necklace worn by Princess Caroline, but a close look at the tiara worn by Tatiana shows it is not Caroline's fringe because the spikes are different. There is also the fringe tiara worn by Princess Charlotte of Monaco, Caroline's grandmother, which may be either (or neither) option - but pictures from Charlotte's time make it hard to tell, in my opinion. Fringe tiaras are devilishly similar! (Caroline's necklace has been exhibited in the past. I would be curious to know if anyone has seen it in person and remembers whether "official" exhibit information linked it to Princess Charlotte?)