04 February 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: February 4

The Dutch royal family attended a 'farewell party' for Princess Beatrix, a performance to celebrate her reign, on Saturday. Princess Beatrix wore purple with diamond accessories and a gray wrap on arrival; Queen Máxima wore a new blue Natan gown (runway, far right) and sapphire and diamond accessories.
Sure, Máxima gave us something to talk about (that sapphire brooch at her waist? Hasn't been seen in decades, a wee treat for those of us that pay attention to such things), but Beatrix is the real star of this show, and our real outfit of the day. Purple gown (love), megawatts of diamond shine (all things combined - the size of diamonds in that necklace! the size of that brooch! - she totally out-blinged Máxima), and a huge, huge smile to top it off.

Case in point, the above video. Watch from 3:25 at least. Sparkly and giggly, that's how I like my Beatrix!

Click here for a gallery including other family members.

Photos: Getty Images/Reuters/NOS/Natan