05 February 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: February 5

Crown Princess Victoria, along with Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle, paid a two day visit to Umeå. For one of the engagements, she wore this fringed dress from Swedish label Hunkydory (per Johannas Kungliga Modeblogg) over black leggings.
I wanted to see video of this in action because if you wear this sort of thing I can only assume you'll be dancing at some point. The Twist is called for, really. I don't really understand the point of wearing something like this if you're not going to shake it. But alas, the royal court uploaded a short Vine of the engagement, and it is Twist-free. I'm sure it was only the crutches that held her back.

Here's a gallery including some of the other events from the trip, including WEE ESTELLE on a SLEIGH, for heaven's sake. Just in case you need a fringe-free palette cleanser.

Photos: Kungahuset/Hunky Dory