26 March 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: March 26

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima hosted a dinner for participants of the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit, which was held this week in The Hague. Máxima wore a Natan beige dress with pearl and diamond jewelry.
It's a busy week in the Netherlands, so we're doubling up on our Máxima dosage. This may have been one of her more understated outfit selections, but it was one of the more important events for the couple - more than 50 world leaders present for the summit makes for an enormous international stage, and I think she played this just right. It's appropriately not a big attention-grabber; it's dressed up but not too dressed up, considering the guests were in regular suits and such; there's jewelry in the form of the always classy diamond and pearl combo, but she didn't pile it on. Well played, Queen Máx. (Also worth noting: this is basically the same dress as the infamous aqua one with sleeves that can walk on their own. What a stellar advertisement for chopping those sleeves right off...pleeeeeze...) For a video from this evening, click here.

Photos: Pool/NOS