03 March 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: March 3

Grace Kelly won the Best Actress Academy Award for The Country Girl in 1955 wearing an ice blue satin gown by Edith Head (also used for a portrait, right).
Did you watch the Oscars last night? You know I did. (LUPITA!) And I felt like keeping the glamour alive today, so let's have a look at a rare crossover between our realm and the Hollywood world: Grace Kelly, who was just a year away from her princess days when she won her statue. Legendary costume designer Edith Head designed her classic blue gown; though it might look simple, it was one of the most expensive gowns of its time, using a reported $4,000 worth of French satin. The result is something you could wear on the red carpet today and still make the best dressed list - the very definition of timeless, no?

Video: Grace accepts her award (with a blissfully short speech, I might add)

Photos: Warner Bros/Getty