13 March 2014

Tiara Thursday: The Flora Danica Tiara

The Flora Danica Tiara
Copenhagen jeweler Flora Danica created this modern tiara especially for Princess Marie. The design, by Anja Blinkenberg with input from Marie herself, includes three lilies (French influence, for the French-born princess) to represent Marie, Joachim, and their first child, Prince Henrik. The lilies are made of silver and their centers are topped by tiny diamonds, more than 50 in all. Amethysts are Princess Marie's favorite stone, and so a line of 25 cabochon amethyst balls sits at the base of the tiara. It seems it is intended to be loaned to Marie, and is not her personal property (a similar situation exists with Crown Princess Mary and the Midnight Tiara).
The tiara was completed and shown to Marie in 2011 (while she was pregnant with her second child, hence the omission of Princess Athena in the design explanation), but she waited until March 2014 to wear it in public. She now finally has a second tiara option, after using solely her Diamond Floral Tiara for the first several years of her marriage, and she joins the other ladies in the family in having a tiara of modern creation at her disposal: the Midnight Tiara for Mary, and the Naasut Tiara for Queen Margrethe. Love 'em or hate 'em, each one seems a pretty solid match to the style of its royal wearer - this one included.

What's your verdict on Marie's new tiara?

For more on the gala dinner that brought this piece out, including Mary in her wedding tiara and a repeated Charlotte Lynggaard dress and Margrethe in the Floral Aigrette Tiara (looks like 2 pieces are worn instead of the full three), click here for a gallery.

Photos: Flora Danica/Scanpix