07 April 2014

Bonus Royal Outfit of the Day: April 7

The Cambridge family tour of New Zealand and Australia has commenced.
More like "Prince George and his entourage arrive in Wellington", amirite? Little scene stealer covered up my favorite part of any outfit - the diamonds - and I can't even be mad about it.
Yes, in addition to the red Catherine Walker coat and oh-so-Jackie-O matching Gina Foster pillbox hat, the Duchess borrowed a very appropriate bit of bling from the Queen's vault: the New Zealand Fern Brooch, which you can read more about at the Jewel Vault. Unlike, say, the Maple Leaf Brooch, this one doesn't have a history of loans, so this is a bit special. The tour doesn't have a lot of opportunities for formal jewelry built in, but it will be nice to see if she brings out any other surprises.

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P.P.S.: This blog is taking a couple days off and returning on Thursday, but the Jewel Vault will still be updated in the meantime.

Photo: @ClarenceHouse/Stuff screencap