07 April 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: April 7

The King and Queen of Sweden made an official visit to the Netherlands.
This is "only" an official visit, the type of which would typically warrant a black tie dinner rather than full white tie with orders, and might be an occasion to skip the tiaras. But these kids busted out the full show for us because they remembered they're royal and they can, and we thank them profusely, don't we? We do.

Queen Máx repeated a Jan Taminiau gown from her 40th birthday celebrations, to which she's added a belt (a much-needed change, if you ask me). She accessorized with her favorite Diamond Bandeau, and showed off her jewel creativity yet again by adding a citrine brooch to the center of a previously sapphire brooch. The color scheme played perfectly off of the yellow and blue of her sash, Sweden's Order of the Polar Star, a lesser order which she has had for a few years now. She'll probably one day be upgraded to the highest order, the Order of the Seraphim (as seen on her husband and Princess Beatrix), but that's something more suited to a proper state visit. Everyone here was wearing previously awarded decorations. During Day 1 she also repeated the outfit she wore to Princess Ariane's christening, which would be amazing if it didn't look so much like a tin man in need of a tailor.

Click here for a gallery from the visit...

Queen Sil repeated a red gown that will force me to repeat my figure skater comparison. She paired this with the Connaught Diamond Tiara, and the Order of the Netherlands Lion (her husband was decked out in the same) (same order, that is, not same tiara) (although I would pay to see that). Queen Princess B was lovely in lavender and her favorite tiara, Queen Emma's Diamond Tiara. Sparkles and lovelies all around, but Queen Máx reigns over them all. That's a tough color scheme to make work, that butterscotch color, but it's a wonderful combo with the blue of the sash and she comes through with flying colors, no?

Photos: Parool/RVD/Het Koninklijk Huis/PPE