17 April 2014

Royal Outfit(s) of the Day: April 17

Video: Queen Margrethe celebrated her 74th birthday with her family at Marselisborg Palace.
Here's a coordinated family for you: red on the Queen, carrying through in sweaters for some of the little ones, Frederik's trousers, Joachim's tie, and coordinating neutrals for most everyone else.
While the birthday girl is at her Daisy best, the one that catches my eye is Grandpa Henrik. Yes! While we enjoy the Tour of a Thousand Blue Suits from Prince William, Henrik veers to the total opposite end of the spectrum in his striped tie, checked shirt, and contrasting blazer and trousers. A smorgasbord of standard menswear patterns. And you know what? It works. He's a breath of fresh air sometimes, and I mean that most sincerely.

Click here for a gallery from BT.

(It's been an interesting week in prints for the Danish royal family, by the way. Take, for example, Marie in Missoni...oh, honey. No.)

Photos: Billed-Bladet video