22 April 2014

Royal Outfit(s) of the Day: April 22

The Spanish royal family, celebrating Easter.
For those familiar with the way the Spanish royals mark Easter, this is nothing new. Apart from being one of the occasions during the year when we get to see Leonor and Sofia it remains, sartorially speaking, an everyday occasion. I like Letizia's outfit here, actually; I do like her take on cropped trousers and heels, though I think the skinny belt on the jacket shown on the mannequin might have helped. Anyway, the average-ness of the thing makes Queen Sofia's egg necklace, an Easter standard, an automatic standout. Maybe I'll whip up one with chocolate eggs for myself next year. Never know when you'll need a snack.

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Photos: Felipe Varela/Getty Images/LibertadDigital/Pili Carrera/Nanos