25 April 2014

Royal Outfit(s) of the Day: April 25

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge finished up their tour of Australia and New Zealand with engagements in Canberra. Video, above, at the National Arboretum.
Picking up where we left off! Designer: Catherine Walker. Color: CAPS LOCK GREEN. Verdict: There's no losing this one in a crowd. (Click here for more.)

Next up: Reception! Click the link in the tweet for more.
Teams I am on: Team Updo. Teams I am not on: Team Bubble Wrap Lace. Sorry, Lela Rose, I'm usually a big fan.

And finally: Anzac Day, a day of remembrance. Starting off with dawn service and then heading on to the National War Memorial...
Coat: Nicely swingy. Hat: ....present. Brooch: Best bit. Maybe not the brooch some of you were hoping for, but one that has a good deal more meaning for this particular occasion. It was given to her the previous night by Emma, wife of Corporal Benjamin Roberts-Smith, one of the holders of the Victoria Cross for Australia. A lovely gesture to wear it, and I hope we see it at future remembrance events.

And then they went home, and then this part of the world went to bed.

This is our final post of the trip - you're probably either suffering from Wills n' Kate fatigue or, on the other side of the coin, are about to go into withdrawal as the Cambridges return to a normal schedule. Either way, it's time for your final assessment: What was your favorite tour outfit? For me, I'm sticking to the poppies.

Photos: @canberratimes/Farfetch/7NewsSydney