23 May 2014

Royal Hats of the Day: May 23

Wouldn't be a proper royal wedding anniversary commemoration without a nod to massive millinery, would it? Sure, we talked Cristina's headgear, but these next two guests take it up another notch.
(Then-) Princess Máxima and the Prince of Orange attended the Prince and Princess of Asturias' wedding, May 22, 2004.
You knew Máx would be on that list whether you remembered what she wore to this wedding or not, didn't you? And she came through with flying colors, sporting a flared wide-brimmed hat worn atop a matching coat (with family diamond and pearl brooch at the clasp, obviously) and an embellished dress, all in a soft pink color.

Máxima didn't just walk away with the big hat crown for the day, though - she had steep competition. Step up to the plate, Marie-Chantal!
The Greek family was also in attendance: Princess Marie-Chantal, Crown Prince Pavlos, Queen Anne-Marie, and King Constantine.
Not content with just a regular large hat, she went and feathered it up. Marie-Chantal, pregnant at the time with her fourth child, paired her exuberant topper with a silver coat over a pale pink dress and pearl accessories. The contrast between the feathery business on Anne-Marie's head and what's happening on Marie-Chantal's just about sums it up.

Flamboyant though they may be, these are actually two of my favorite guest outfits from this wedding. Why? Not only do both of these ladies have the attitude right to carry them off, they've also chosen a soft color palette to work with. Make these same hats in, say, lime green, and you'd have a whole different situation on your hands, but these came out just right: a statement, but maybe stopping just short of being an overstatement.

And that's it for our anniversary focus features! I will leave you with another video from the wedding - this time basically the whole broadcast, more than 4 hours of royal watching delight (this has been posted in the comments this week but I wanted to save it for Friday, because you know I love a good vehicle for end of the week procrastination):

There are obviously many, many guests that we have not discussed, and you can check them out here; the royal guests really start arriving around 12:00 or so. You'll see Máxima and Marie-Chantal fitting right in with the rest of the big hat club (lots of statement hats on these guests, especially outside of the royal parties!), and much more. Who makes your list of favorites?

Also: It is a holiday weekend in my corner of the world, and it's a holiday weekend on the blog too. We'll be back on Tuesday.