05 May 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: May 5

Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, daughter of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon, married Daniel Chatto on July 14, 1994, in a gown by Jasper Conran.
Four reasons for featuring this gown today:

1. Lady Sarah just celebrated her 50th birthday, so happy (belated) birthday to her! She was part of the royal baby boom of 1964, when Princess Alexandra gave birth to James Ogilvy (February 29), the Queen gave birth to Prince Edward (March 10), the Duchess of Kent gave birth to Lady Helen Windsor (now Taylor; April 28) and Princess Margaret gave birth to Lady Sarah (May 1). That makes this the perfect time to revisit the most elegant of her elegant turns, her wedding dress. It came in ninth on your list of best royal wedding gowns!

2. I recently stumbled on a clip from the news coverage of this wedding. It's short - it was a private wedding - but it renewed my appreciation for the fit of this bodice and the flow of the material. Click here to see.

3. You have an opportunity to see this gown in person! Yes, it's not only the Duchess of Cornwall that has loaned her dress to the V&A for their new exhibit on wedding dresses. Sarah's Jasper Conran gown is on display as well, and a peek can be seen on the V&A's Instagram (center below, and thanks to Suzanna for pointing this glimpse out).

It looks like her tiara (the Snowdon Floral Tiara) might also be on display there, hard to tell. Yet another reason I need to see this exhibit, sigh.

And finally... 4. It's Monday, have some pretty to start your week.

Photos: Royal Household/ITN