09 May 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: May 9

Mary Donaldson married Crown Prince Frederik on May 14, 2004.
You knew this was coming, didn't you. (You did, no question mark required.) Yes, if you pay attention to your royal dates, you were probably expecting that we would have something here to mark Mary and Frederik's 10th wedding anniversary, and so we will - a week of celebrations! Yippee. Next week, we're focusing on some of the outfits worn by the guests at this memorable event. (We won't be ignoring current events though, not to worry.)

To get us in the mood, here's Mary's divisive wedding gown. Is it a milk maid, or is it the best ever? These seem to be the two schools of thought. My opinions on royal wedding gowns often change over time, but when it comes to Mary, I'm consistent: Yes to the bodice, Meh to the skirt, NO to the hair. Oh, and fun fact: the dress was designed by Uffe Frank, but the one in charge of making it was Birgit Hallstein, who has made other bespoke dresses for Mary since (including some of my favorites, like the burgundy velvet gown, or my pick for Mary's best from last year).

Video: Part 1, Frederik's arrival. For more: Part 2, Part 3 (Mary walks down the aisle), Part 4, Part 5
Click here for my full post on the dress. And above, video of the ceremony in multiple parts, if you're in the mood. (I never miss a chance to see Mary's entrance to Zadok the Priest, myself. Chills, every time.)

Photos: Steen Evald/Kongehuset.dk