16 May 2014

Royal Outfits of the Day: May 16

Video: Arrival of some of the royal guests at Frederik and Mary's wedding.
We have another wedding anniversary to celebrate next week, so we're wrapping up Fred and Mary with two of my favorite guests from outside the Danish family. It's one thing to see outfits standing still (here's one gallery), but another to see them in motion - sometimes they are ruined and sometimes they shine. Mathilde's outfit went up a few notches seeing it move; it was already a favorite, but the amount of motion she gets while still avoiding any possibility of a wardrobe malfunction is fantastic.
Another all-time favorite has to be Letizia, the Lady in Red. She was just one week away from marrying Felipe here, but she made a pre-princess splash in Lorenzo Caprile. Unlike Mary, Letizia did not wear a tiara prior to her wedding day, but the waves of her well-chosen hairstyle and the ruby and diamond jewelry she borrowed from Queen Sofia, particularly the clips she used at either side of her neckline, help make up the difference. I'm always a sucker for Letizia in red, but this one is forever a stand out.

Video: Guests waiting for the wedding waltz, because you can never get enough of casual royals and sparkling gems.
 Who were your favorites from the Danish wedding?

Photos: Getty/Semana/DR1