15 May 2014

Tiara Watches of the Day: May 15

Tiaras have been out and about in several countries lately, so let's pause for a quick wrap up:

In the Netherlands, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima hosted the annual gala reception for the Corps Diplomatique.

Video: Arrival of the royal family
As you can see, everyone arrived in day clothes to change at the palace, except for Máxima. It's like she just knew we needed a proper look at her in the Mellerio Rubies and her zesty (ZESTY!) red gown from Benito Fernandez. A small glimpse is a treat when it comes to this event, which often remains behind closed doors. Another look came as the family left, all in their finery this time:

Video: Departure of the royal family
Princess Beatrix wore the Pearl Button Tiara, and Princess Margriet wore the family's emerald tiara, in its pearl setting.

And that concludes our momentary tiara break. Carry on.

Photos: Swedish Royal Court/Peres YouTube