09 June 2014

Bonus Royal Outfit of the Day: June 9

These days I stick to official events around here, but apparently there's a rare exception for cases of extreme fabulousness, because...
Queen Máxima (along with the King, their daughters, and Princess Beatrix) attended the wedding of her brother Juan this weekend in Vienna.
...wow. Just...wow.

To me, this feels like a dress ordered to do double duty for her official gala business, and I'm already looking forward to seeing it paired with a tiara in the future. But as is, this is glorious. I know some of you might think she overdid it for a family wedding, especially one with the men in morning suits (this reminds me of the Wessex wedding, late enough in the day for gowns on the ladies but without going the black tie route). But I personally love that she gave her brother's wedding the full MAX effect and treated it like the special event that it was.

Photo: Getty Images