16 June 2014

Royal Balcony Appearance of the Day: June 16

Trooping the Colour, the Queen's official birthday parade, went on in London this weekend. Hats and the upper two-thirds of outfits, here we come:
The Queen and her Duke first, of course (more on her gems at the Vault), followed by her Royal Colonels on horseback. (Shown at right are the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, and the Princess Royal. William's in the middle.) Everybody's all very smart and such, not my favorite of the Queen's outfits but there are enough uniforms around her to distract me.

Any time Camilla wears her pink topaz pearl choker, she wins, those are the rules. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a brooch that looked pretty faux to me, but she still stood out as her smart suit was quite a bit smarter than what's going on with Sophie and Eugenie, I'm afraid to say. Yeah, I'm on Blergh Patrol today.

Over on this side of the balcony, we've got a selection of Kents for you, looking very neat and tidy all around. Well, I'm not sure what's happening with Lady Helen's outfit (she's the one in raspberry), but I'm sure it's all very fashion-y. Anyway, it's always nice to see Lady Gabriella (center) hasn't lost her fondness for a proper hat.

And finally, a selection of Gloucesters and some trailing Kents. We could talk about all of them individually but we won't because CAPE ALERT! Princess Michael has arrived. Dramatic (so we know it's still her), but tasteful too. Well played.

P.S.: Garter Day is on tap for tomorrow!

Photos: BBC1 video