13 June 2014

Royal Family Gathering of the Day: June 13

Video: The Danish royal family gathered at their French residence Château de Cayx to celebrate Prince Henrik's 80th birthday.
My favorite dress on Mary? Nah. Mostly because I am generally opposed to wimpy belting. Not a bad number for lounging around one's château, though.
The maxi dress is from Ilse Jacobsen, available in a variety of colors
It did give the whole family picture a bit of needed color, so credit for that.

We also must mention that there's a new portrait of Prince Henrik out in honor of his 80th. By photographer Jacob Jørgensen, the photo art depicts Henrik riding a unicorn. OH YES. See it, plus an article on the intentions behind it (basically, Henrik has a good sense of humor and a great love for art, and the idea comes from one of his own artworks) at Royalista (link). Not only does this totally capture the spirit of Henrik (and is really well done), but frankly I'd be more interested in royal portraiture on the whole if more mythical creatures were involved. Where's my picture of QEII fighting a dragon, artists of the world? Hmm?

Photos: Ilse Jacobsen/Fashionola/Amazon/Getty Images by Patric Aventurier