27 June 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: June 27

Video: Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the awards show for the Reumert Prize last Sunday.
Mary has had several engagements recently, and this was my favorite frock of them all. It's a pretty dress on its own, definitely made better in movement, and I love that she went with a detailed lace shoe. But what I love more is that she's rocking a dress she first wore nearly 10 years ago - pre-babies, yes, but a classic look that doesn't really go out of style.
The dress from CĂ©line Ready-to-Wear Fall 2004, the last collection Michael Kors designed for the brand.
And we must give out some recognition to Frederik and his navy tux too - he completed a triathlon the morning of this event! (I did a triathlon last weekend too, if a triathlon is a thing that involves three different desserts.)

Mary also debuted a dress from Mary Katrantzou this week. Katrantzou's stuff is instantly recognizable due to her use of prints, in particular stunning landscape prints - probably a love-it-or-hate-it thing, but this one I love. (Click here for pics.) Now if I could only get her to scoop up some of these dresses that have a little more purple in them...

Photos: Style.com/Matches fashion