03 June 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: June 3

Video: The Danish royal family arrived for a gala concert on Sunday in honor of Prince Henrik's 80th birthday.
You're never going to believe it, but out of all the guests here, Crown Princess Mary was my favorite. That's right people, I am a constant surprise. (Or not.)
My perpetual favorite Mary repeated another Australian design from her Australian Women's Weekly feature, an ivory ballerina length Toni Maticevski dress with metallic details. Apparently this was one of her faves from the shoot, and it's one of mine too. The length, which is a slightly uncommon because it's not the easiest to pull off, really sets the dress apart in a sea of cocktail wear. Also, any excuse to wear a metallic shoe is just fine by me. (See also: Isabella and her sassy shoes - and sassy curls! She's in her own league.)

For more: here's a gallery, and here's the whole concert if you like.

Photos: DR/Australian Women's Weekly